What Are The Causes Of Depression Among Teenagers

Causes of depression can affect anybody at any stage of their life. Most people are not very clear of what depression is! Depression can be defined as intense feeling of sadness or feeling very down and blue. It is a form of mental imbalance between the “left and right hemispheres of the brain”. In case of teenagers it becomes difficult to identify depression as the outbreaks are generally touted to be a part of dissatisfaction on a certain current issue and not adolescent depression.

Causes of Depression in adolescence

This article deals with some causes of depression in adolescent as mentioned above so that one can identify the problem in an early stage and help get the teenager out of that situation. Generally depression can be more than passing affair and if it lasts more than two weeks then the person surely requires some help.

Poor performance at school is one of the causes of depression

  • The foremost reason for causes of depression among teenagers is there performance at school. These days the parents give the best to their children and in return demand a lot without considering the child’s ability to perform. The added pressure from teachers also doesn’t help.
  • Environments that leave the student feeling lonely and left out can turn into major causes of depression.
  • Poor relations with peers, sexual orientation are again some causes of depression and dissatisfaction which leads to depression especially in the cases of girls.
  • Traumatic events in life are also causes of depression like loss of a parent or some relative or sibling can cause intense depression.

The fact is that causes of depression cannot be taken lightly and a person needs to be very proactive to pull a teenager out of depression.

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Patrick Mounter

Patrick Mounter

Working with teenagers suffering depression, anxiety and stress and relieving them of there symptoms is a great reward in itself. Being able to do this without the use of drugs is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. A new approach is to change the 'core energy' of the condition. When that happens all other sub energies change bringing harmony and balance.

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