Teenagers And Delusional Thoughts

A delusion is a belief or opinion about a situation, circumstance or event that is clearly false, and that indicates there is something amiss in the affected person’s thought processes. In most cases about themselves. One of the main features of a delusion is the degree to which the person is convinced that the belief system is true. A person with a delusion will hold firmly to that belief regardless of evidence to the contrary.

How to Stop Delusional Thinking

Mental illness and delusional thinking can be related to ideas beyond the capacity of the person to fulfill, of which are unreasonable in reality. The affected person has at least some level of doubt from deep within as to its truthfulness. A person with a delusion is absolutely convinced that the delusion is real. Hanging on to anger, jealousy, selfishness, hate or wanting to hurt, are some of the negative energies that can lead to delusional thoughts.

The internal universal way

There is one internal universal way to get to the bottom of this, and that is the way of nature. The thoughts of the intellect must be reflected as feeling in the mind and translated into actions by the hands. Thoughts, words and deeds must be coordinated. They must fulfill and support one another. If you don’t know what spiritual values are, then look to nature, go for a walk in the park or bushland or go to the beach and observe. The truth in nature is unity. So reflect on unity within, that is, your thoughts, your words and your actions, do they align.

Aligning thoughts words and actions

When you align these three, thoughts, words, actions, then peace of mind can be obtained. Where there is peace of mind, understanding unfolds from the high mind, the intellect and so, better quality choices. So when these are in unison, the love from within is felt as an energy and you naturally want to do the right thing, no effort is required. So ask yourself, ‘am I reflecting thoughts true to my inner self or are they really reflecting on the ego self of delusion’ that is on something in the world about someone or something.

The mental plane of an individual

The mental plane of an individual is that which registers change on an inner level through feelings and sensitivities and on an outer level through the five senses and then back through feelings and sensitivities of mind and emotion. It is on the mental level that an individual thinks, criticises, compares, calculates, classifieds, creates, synthesise, conjectures, visualises, plans, describes and communicates.

Any disturbance of these functions of mind

Any disturbance of these functions of mind in turn constitutes symptoms of mental illness. This mental level is the most critical for all human beings, more so the teenager. It is this mental and spiritual content of a person that is the true essence of ‘you’ the Being. If these inner tools of obtaining peace of mind and awareness are disturbed the very central idea of ‘purpose’ is lost.

All human conditions

As the “Buddha” stated all human conditions are created from two impediments, craving and   aversion. Wanting too much of, is ‘craving’, or aversion, avoiding this or that. In other words, wanting more and more of that which is pleasurable, or less and less of that which makes me miserable? When one is caught up in this frame of mind they are following their senses and not their essence. All of this happens on an energetic level and the easiest way to bring this back to balance is to change the energies and your thinking will change also.

Awareness of the human body

Be aware the human body is the faculty for these higher energies and lower energies to operate in. Realise there is more to life than just having a boyfriend or girlfriend, enjoying sex, money and possessions, somewhere inside you there is ‘purpose’ and when you change the energies within you for the better, this ‘purpose’ will reveal itself.

A simple and obvious way

There needs to be a simple and obvious way of defining the qualities which described the degree of mental health in an individual. As on all levels, health is not merely the absence of symptoms referring to a particular metal function. It is a state of being which can be described as having three fundamental qualities, each of which is indispensable for a true state of health. If any one of them is lacking, the mind may be functioning quite well in terms of medical functioning yet may nevertheless be quite ill. The three indispensable qualities that should accompany the different functions of mind are;

1. Clarity

2. Rationality, coherence, and logical sequence

3. Creative service for the good of others as well as for the good of oneself.

Three qualities

All three of these qualities must be present yet the third is of prime importance. It is this quality of creative service which appears to be least understood by modern youth.

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Patrick Mounter

Patrick Mounter

Working with teenagers suffering depression, anxiety and stress and relieving them of there symptoms is a great reward in itself. Being able to do this without the use of drugs is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. A new approach is to change the 'core energy' of the condition. When that happens all other sub energies change bringing harmony and balance.