Depression In Teenagers – The Way Out

Depression in teenagers is a cause for much suffering and it is a problem that should be taken seriously as it may lead to them feeling hopeless during life or even to suicide.
First of all, depression is not to be mistaken with bad mood or melancholy. It is a problem that affects any aspect of a young person’s life. With the support of their families and friends, teens can find the way out.

Parents should be aware Depression in teenagers

Second, parents should be aware of the symptoms. Usually when they are being sad, irritable and feeling hopeless at any one time, losing interest in hobbies and other activities, low self-esteem, frequent crying, changes in diet and day regime, you should undoubtedly see a doctor to get professional advice and help. The structural aspect to look out for is bad posture, walking pigeon toed, that is one or both feet turned in when walking, a high shoulder on one side of the body indicates Scoliosis. If there were birth trauma due to forceps delivery or an overly long and stressful labour for mother giving birth or any other stress situation around the birth experience, this will have lasting effects and can show up as depression in teenagers later on in life.

Concussion, a blow to the head can lead to Depression in teenagers

When a concussion that is a blow to the head has been experience in the past due to some form of injury, this can disrupt the flow of energies between the left and right hemispheres of the brain leaving a feeling of dullness or fogginess. Concussion definitely effects school and academic performance especially if the blow was to the left side of the skull. Some concussion symptoms to look out for are: disorientation, memory loss or memory lapses, confusion, disorientation, alteration in speech patterns, sense of smell and taste can change. Mood swings and personality changes, poor concentration and poor decision making may become difficult, you can be easily distracted, and time awareness is lost. Some of these symptoms can go on for years and result manifest as depression in teenagers and it will last for a very long time.

Antidepressants is not always best thing Depression in teenagers

One of the most important things that parents can do to help their teen find the way out is to stay informed about the treatment and be understanding. It is worth mentioning that the usage of antidepressants is not the best thing for the developing brain of a young person, so anything that can be done by parents to enhance the treatment is worth doing. Kinesiology therapy is worth exploring as it quickly identifies energy imbalances in the nervous system and it is a drug free method.  Nutritional support can be very beneficial such as Salmon oil, Brahmi, Essential Oil, Sea Vegetables etc.

Parents should be able to see through the problem without asking direct questions. Creative activities can be encouraged to help teenagers forget about things that make them be upset.

Your two happy hormones

Physical activities should be encouraged as long as they encourage the releasing of the so-called "happy hormone" in the organism. Your two happy hormones are Serotonin, which is produced during the day and Melatonin, which is produced at night. If you are happy during the day and sleep sound at night, then your happy hormones are working fine. The teenager should be encouraged to meet other people and socialize. It is important that parents be informed about the treatment.

Way out for Depression in Teenagers

The way out of depression in teenagers can be really challenging. However when the treatment is enhanced by parents and family support and serious measures are taken, it can bring the teenager back to normal life.

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Patrick Mounter

Patrick Mounter

Working with teenagers suffering depression, anxiety and stress and relieving them of there symptoms is a great reward in itself. Being able to do this without the use of drugs is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. A new approach is to change the 'core energy' of the condition. When that happens all other sub energies change bringing harmony and balance.

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