Depression In Teenagers Statistics

Statistics show that a big number of adolescents are suffering from depression. One of the biggest problems is that many parents seem to be hardly aware of the facts of depression in teens, and that their sibling’s may be expressing signs of depression. Neglecting the problem usually leads to grave consequences.

20 percent of teenagers suffer from depression

One in ten adolescents is in a constant state of depression. 5 percent show symptoms of a major depressive disorder. According to statistics, more than one episode of depression in two years’ will be observed in 20 to 40 percent of all teenagers.

The number of bipolar disorder

In most cases, these teenagers experience one more episode before maturity. One of every 50 teenagers suffers from dysthymia (a long-lasting state of depression). The number of bipolar disorder in adolescence is the same. In some cases the depression depends on the season – usually in winter, when the amount of serotonin, or happiness hormone, produced in human organism, is smaller.

Teens with close relatives with mental disorders

Statistics show that depression as a problem concerns teens from all social strata and races. Teens with close relatives with mental disorders are usually a risk group. Such are all who suffer long-lasting diseases or trauma. Boys seem to be less affected by depression as long as it is expected from them to behave like real men and not to express emotions.

One third of depressed teens

One third of depressed teens develop alcohol or drug abuse problems. What is more, they are more likely to get physically ill later on in life. Usually such adolescents have problems at school, at work and in personal relationships and are likely to show promiscuous sexual behavior.

Hardly one third of all adolescents with such problems are treated. This is too small a number as long as 8 of every 10 patients with depression can undergo a successful treatment.

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Patrick Mounter

Patrick Mounter

Working with teenagers suffering depression, anxiety and stress and relieving them of there symptoms is a great reward in itself. Being able to do this without the use of drugs is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. A new approach is to change the 'core energy' of the condition. When that happens all other sub energies change bringing harmony and balance.

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