Anxiety symptoms in teenagers

Anxiety is a serious problem in teenagers today and to give them a satisfactory answer is needed


One major problem among teenagers in today’s world is bullying in and out of school. These bullied children don’t have the self-confidence and social skills to stand up for themselves and who they are causing them much anxiety.

I would suggest to hang out with other teens that express confidence is a good start. When you come across a group of confident teen, ask if you can hang out with them. Ask them what are their likes and dislikes, hobbies, interests, and what they do in their spare time, this way you will know if you have similar likes and dislikes. Talk to them about what ‘you feel’ is ‘their favorite subject or topic’ and you will have friends for life. Choose your company carefully. When you acquire new and confident friends, the bullies will stay away.

Unknown fears

Anxiety Attack Symptoms in Teens that are being expressed seem to come from unknown causes for them. What I have discovered is that the bulk of this condition is activated with the birthing process. Coming through the birth canal activates the fight and flight reflexes for survival. This fight and flight reflexes is developed while in the womb of mother and is your survival mechanism for when you enter into the world.

There is much stress on the infant and on mother during this process, forceps delivery, suction procedure and long slow labor or old stress memories that can be re-activated during puberty. When one comes from loving secure parent, this type of environment can and often dampen these old subconscious memory.

Without a good loving family environment as support you feel as if you are on your own.

Mental and emotional intake

The other two survival reflex codings are feeding and reproduction. With the ‘feeding reflex’ there needs to be a balance of the three intakes; food intake, mental intake and emotional intake.

Did you know the digestive system is switched off when the fight/flight system is activated? With digestion, there is a churning and discerning that takes place to get the best results from all forms of intake.

This is why there is so much churning going on in the stomach and solar Plexus area. Either the teen wants to feed his/her anxiety through eating which helps calm down some of the anxiety emotions and feelings temporarily, or they can’t or don’t want to eat a proper meal. They are just not hungry, so this can be the showing signs of an eating disorder, this is why mental and emotional health is so important for the teenager.

The next survival coding of the body is the reproductive system. This survival reflex kicks in at the start of puberty when hormonal change starts to happen within the body. This is a major change in your life. Most cultures have puberty rites ceremony, something that is much lacking in the West today. The ceremonies are intended to give the child a sense of acceptance and recognition in their transition of change and yet it is not recognize as important in today’s society.

Curvature of the spine becomes noticeable

On a fundamental level with this hormonal transition happening in the body, there is an energy shift also taking place. The energy required to keep your body as straight as it can for posture and structure is now used in biological preparation for reproducing. For lots of teenagers, this is a time when ‘scoliosis’, curvature of the spine becomes noticeable, the condition was there all the time, however its real nature shows at puberty.

The neural energy supply is compromised due to some previous trauma or stress, there is energy leakage happening. In my experience, though the source can come from any previous traumatic experience, I have found there has been some trauma for the infant during the birthing process; this experience is a major starting point for many teenage problems.

It can show up as constant tiredness, the so called ‘growing pains’, headaches and of course depression and anxiety. Scoliosis has a major influence on learning ability and comprehension problems at school plus a whole host of other related conditions I will go into later..

Fear of the future

Often the teen feels anxious and ask themselves (how will I cope in this modern world when it all looks so glum), TV is not inspiring with the news presentations and its doomsday outlook, stories about glum economies, global uncertainty, and employment uncertainty. In some parts of the world this kind of uncertainty about the future and demands on school performance can often leave the teenager feeling depressed and anxious and if they see no positive way forward, can lead to suicide.

With anxiety symptoms in teenagers, if they perform lower than the average in school they may start to blame themselves and feel guilty about there efforts and call themselves dumb and stupid when the problem may be related to what I have just mentioned above.

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Patrick Mounter

Patrick Mounter

Working with teenagers suffering depression, anxiety and stress and relieving them of there symptoms is a great reward in itself. Being able to do this without the use of drugs is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. A new approach is to change the 'core energy' of the condition. When that happens all other sub energies change bringing harmony and balance.

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