Anxiety from an energy viewpoint

How digestion happens on multiple levels and causes anxiety.

1. Digestion of food, sustains the body

2. Digestion of the mental should give good ideas.

3. Digestion of the emotional good feelings.

The first level has been covered and much science is written so I don't have to cover this.

Digestion of the mental is where it all happens

Digestion of the mental is where it all happens; the body/brain/mind has its five senses. Sound, touch, sight, taste and smell, and the intellect, this brings in information to the brain for processing. In some philosophies the intellect is known as the 'Buddhi'.

When the mind takes in information from the outside world, this information has to be digested and assimilated. So there are two aspects of mind in play here at the same time.

1. Lower mind and the five senses and this can be called the ‘churning’.

2. Higher mind of reasoning and this can be called the ‘discerning’.

A churning and discerning process meant to be happening

So there is actually a churning and discerning process meant to be happening at the same time.

Example: in the olden days when butter was made, and still is done this way. The cream is put in a vat and a big ladle is used to turn the cream. After some time a separation takes place and the water comes out of the cream and butter is formed. So the butter is the end result and the butter water is discarded or used for other purpose. The butter is regarded as the wisdom or understanding coming out of the experience.

  • What happens with anxiety, depression, and stress is that there are old experiences that are caught up in the ‘churning’ cycle of the lower mind and has no access to the ‘discerning’ of the higher mind. The ‘neutrality or acceptance’ level of mind is not accessible.
  • With constant churning, of an old experience, the adrenal hormonal activity is ramped up especially if the thoughts are regurgitating old negative experience. This also happens at a subconscious level even when the conscious experience is forgotten; the old feelings are still there.

Forgotten feelings coming to the surface

When these "forgotten feelings" especially birth trauma and any other nasty experience that may have happened to you at a younger age, are coming to the surface for processing, you are usually totally unprepared.

With constant churning the body is now in flight and flight mode with this higher adrenal activity and you don't know where the churning energy is coming from. One type of person may want to lash out at anyone and the teenage bully usually picks on someone younger or smaller than them or they run amuck in society. The effects of bullying in any form can have lasting effects for anyone coming from the lower mind. There are ways to learn how to take back your power and be in charge

The other type of person may want to run away, hide, become a recluse, be a social outcast, and not feel accepted, they live in victim conscious.

There are three of you

So what I am saying is that I want you to realize there are three of you

  1. The one who you think you are. Your negative thinking and negative feelings and beliefs about who you think you are. You think you are the physical self or body.
  1. The one others think you are, your mental self. The one that listens to other people’s opinion about and towards you. I want you to realize that other people’s opinion is just that. Other people’s opinions are not your "truth". Your truth is your truth and what you experience in the here and now.
  1. The one who you really are, the energetic self, the one that feels all experiences.  When you contemplate on this question you naturally activate the "Buddhi" or intellect. I want you to realize you are not your thoughts, the mental self. They are like passing cloud, they come and they go.

 The lower mind gets caught up in thoughts and desire, I want this, I want that, give me, give me, it gets caught up in selfishness and jealousy and victim conscious, poor me.

You are made of higher intelligence

 I am asking you to contemplate that you are made of higher intelligence. Think how your molecules come together and formed the cells of your body. How each organ in the body does its duty without question? This is the energy of Being. Have love and appreciation for what goes on inside more so than what goes on in the outside world. Your next question is, “what is my purpose in life, how can I help myself and others to better understand”? The end game is from ‘mind shattered in pieces’, to one who is ‘peace of mind’

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Patrick Mounter

Patrick Mounter

Working with teenagers suffering depression, anxiety and stress and relieving them of there symptoms is a great reward in itself. Being able to do this without the use of drugs is undoubtedly a step in the right direction. A new approach is to change the 'core energy' of the condition. When that happens all other sub energies change bringing harmony and balance.

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