Why Teens Commit Suicide – What Parents Must Know

Teenage depression is a common problem and parents should have in mind that their teenage children may be experiencing some form of depression, especially when they are unhappy for long periods of time. Teenagers are often moody and this can be explained with the dramatic changes that occur in their bodies as they undergo hormonal and structural during puberty.

Statistics show that a big number of teens are suffering from depression. One of the biggest problems is that many parents seem to be unaware of the signs of depression going on in their teenage child. Neglecting the problem usually leads to graver consequences.

A fact worth mentioning is that depressed young people are more likely to have thoughts of suicide and there is a likely hood of them committing suicide without warning. In most cases if the depression goes unnoticed and untreated will lead to more complicated problems.

Here is a professional analysis on depression in teenagers:

  • Patrick says:

    im almost 13 years old. i sueffr from O.C.D. (obsessive compulsive disorder) A.D.D. (attention deffecite disorder) depression and i have anger issues. i have to walk around with a fake smile. i dont know how to be myself cause i dont know who i am. im always sad or mad. im confused. i dont know why i feel this way. sometimes i think if i were to kill myself i would no longer feel pain. but i know that is not the answer. im lost. i feel lonley i feel like i have nowhere to turn. i need help..